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Fall Term Report 2006-2007
SubjectReports-DELSU-Atılım University
KeywordsDELSU Courses, Performance, Success, Evaluation results
Place/Channel NameDepartmental English Language Studies Unit (DELSU)
Inventory No1KON_YD_20070320_2

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The aim of this report is to evaluate the tuition and training results at DELSU in the 2006-2007 Fall Term, and inform the top management about the performance of the unit, and make suggestions for further improvements. In the 2006-2007 academic year fall term, DELSU initially offered 8 different  courses to 1225 students. Later this number went down to 1218, because of various reasons ( leaving the university etc) Later 8 of the students withdrew from English courses. By the end of the term DELSU had 1210 students in 46 classes. During the fall term, for 15 weeks, 14 full time instructors, and 1 part time instructor taught in 46 classes. This summed up to 203 teaching hours a week. During the term, the main syllabus prepared beforehand was followed, but some small changes were included after careful analysis of the needs of the students. These were discussed with the instructors and feedback obtained from Prep School. Furthermore, language levels of the European language portfolio were examined, and some alignment studies were carried out. Along with the curriculum interventions, some clarifications and changes were made to the testing and evaluation methods and tools. The number of evaluation tools was changed. Test plans were prepared collectively and shared with the classes. Instructions and rubrics were clarified to help students become more guided and motivated. In this way, testing and evaluation was made a part of teaching and learning activities. This change paid off and the success rate at the end of the term was influenced very positively. The overall success rate is quite satisfactory (85.74%) excluding the failures from absenteeism. When all the registered students are considered, this rate is 79.35%. The overall average of grades for all students is 66.53, and the average grade of the students who have taken the finals, excluding the absentee failures is 72.08%. After all the teaching / learning activities and evaluation procedures, out of 1218 registered students: 8 students withdrew, 915 passed, 271 failed; 126 failed because of exceeding absenteeism tolerance limits, 145 failed because of academic weakness. For the spring term 48 sections have been opened for 1109 students, all syllabi have been renewed, operational plans have been written, for the newly opened courses teacher trainin seminars have been organised, new materials have been reviewed and ordered. All the documents have been exhibited on the new web page. This success was mainly the result of effective team work of the whole DELSU staff and the students.